There are a lot of things to love about the Catalina 22, but she’s not known for her quickness. With a short waterline, a relatively small rig, and a hull form designed more for trailerability than speed, the venerable C22 is squarely on the slower end of sailboats.

Still, that’s no reason not to sail hard, and every once in a while we catch someone with their proverbial pants down. Or maybe their literal pants are down, which would go a long way toward explaining why they’re getting passed by a Catalina 22.

We like to commemorate these rare occasions by making a mental note, and, if possible, snapping a picture to place here on our [all in good fun] Wall of Shame.


Catalina 320

July 19. 2012, Catalina 320


ComPac 27

August 4, 2012, Com-Pac 27


Pearson 36

August 26, 2012, Pearson 36


Catalina 30

June 15, 2013, Catalina 30


Catalina 25

November 2, 2013, Catalina 25