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Welcome to the new boat log.

We got Fortuitous winterized and covered a few weeks ago, and in the interim, I have directed my obsessive tendencies toward rolling out new boat log software.

It was time.

Although I changed hosting providers several times over the years (first hosting it on my own vintage Pentium III 500 and then moving it to a series of hosting providers), the underlying software remained basically unchanged since 2009. That’s an excellent service record for web software. According to, that setup was approximately 134 years old in people years, which is honestly more than anyone can ask for.

There were problems though. The version of the content management software that I was using (Drupal) became unsupported, and no one was fixing bugs or patching security holes anymore. It also didn’t work well on mobile devices, and there was no clear upgrade path to a new version, so I decided to completely rebuild it in WordPress.


While the styling and some of the small details have changed, I think I got all of the old content ported over and I hope that the navigation should be self-explanatory.  Some new features include:

  • Responsive Design: The user interface automatically adapts to different screen sizes, providing a better experience on telephones and tablets.
  • Flat-ish design: Fewer gradients and gratuitous drop shadows
  • Serif Font on Log Entries: Serifs (the little ticks on the ends of strokes in some typefaces) supposedly make text easier to read.
  • Less stuff on the Log Entry pages to distract from the content.
  • SSL: Not that there’s really all that much to encrypt, but the site is now going through HTTPS.

Please have a look around and let us know what you think.


"Prepare to fend off the bridge abutment."