Sailing the Cabin John

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Although we didn’t brave the crowded waters of Barnegat Bay on Memorial day weekend on Fortuitous, we did get to sail with the Fischers out of Teal Point. The boat was loaded like we were hauling refugees, but it’s amazing how much room there is on a 27 footer as opposed to a 22, not to mention the incredible standing room in the cabin and fully functional head. I was at the helm for a lot of the trip, including when the marine police thought long and hard about stopping us on our way back up the Cabin John (but didn’t). We couldn’t get the motor started on the final approach so we sailed to the mooring. I would have liked to have said that I did it, but Mr. Fischer reclaimed the tiller well before I had a chance to screw up our pass and we picked up the ball on the first try. Good sailing.

"Prepare to fend off the bridge abutment."