Practicing on the Main

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The wind was finally under 30kts. so we were able to sail. Trixie’s wind gauge showed a recent range of 0-8kts, so we took the opportunity to have Jen execute some maneuvers under just the main to try to get a better feel for the boat. She did a few tacks and a few jibes and sailed around in a little cove as if we were going to anchor. When she got tired of skippering, I took over, unfurled the jib (by myself) and sailed down to the 38 buoy and back. The wind was coming from the east at such an angle that once we raised the jib we were able to sail all the way there and back into the cove in front of Trixie’s only tacking once.


  • Retro, the Pearson Ensign, is back in the water. We passed her coming back south at a distance of less than 100 yards.
  • If you stand on your starboard tack long enough, the cat boat on port tack will change his course by 2 degrees to pass behind you.
  • There’s a pontoon boat out there that not only puts the party in “party barge,” but is also capable of kicking it down a flight of stairs and calling it names. We need to bring the camera more often. This thing had no roof or bimini, had full sheetmetal around its perimeter, and that sheetmetal was painted black with Jolly Roger/hot rod flame trim. We were too far away to get a good look at the operator, but I really need to know if this was tongue-in-cheek or an earnest attempt to be the Fonz of the bay.
  • À la “nature vs. nurture,” I will henceforth refer to the dichotomy of being overtly awesome because you’re trying to make a joke or being overtly awesome because you think you’re a bad ass as “Fozzie vs. Fonzie.”


"Prepare to fend off the bridge abutment."