Maintenance Log: Electrical, Rigging, etc.

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No sailing today, but I did a ton of maintenance:

  • Bought bargain ratcheting crimpers (thanks for the tip Maine Sail)
  • Fixed crappy wiring to battery with beautifully executed double crimps
  • Mildly injured self with crimpers, resulting in hilarious “crimps vs. bloods” joke
  • Re-oriented battery so that the terminals were on the other side and the leads weren’t as taut
  • Failed to realize that rotating the battery 180º would also mean that the positive and negative terminals would also be rotated 180º and connected the battery backwards
  • Installed a 6A 3-stage battery charger to maintain our battery
  • Got new, much longer jib sheets in 5/16″ StaSet (that’s 5/16″ Jen)
  • Rigged up new shackles for the boom vang
  • Mixed up some West Systems epoxy with a ton of colloidal silica in it to fill the holes for the port locker hinge
  • Examined and temporarily shored up the broken deadlight with an ample amount of shrink wrap tape (thanks Bob)
"Prepare to fend off the bridge abutment."