I don’t love the title, but I’ve been to Myers Hole a lot, and I have to keep coming up with new names. I probably learned the term “redux” (from the Latin verb reducere, meaning “to lead back”) when they released the extended cut of Apocalypse Now, but in ancient Rome, Fortuna Redux was also the form of the goddess of luck who helped travelers return from long and dangerous voyages. She was often depicted as carrying a cornucopia and a rudder, which is at least vaguely nautical.

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I follow the weather pretty closely. Nationally, regionally, down to individual weather stations on buildings that I know. My primary use of Twitter is to follow weather nerds talking about the weather, and boy, do they love a named storm. But despite all of this, I wasn’t expecting much from Tropical Storm Isaias. At first I thought that it was trending east and might go out to sea, and then when it didn’t, I thought it would get beat up over the Carolinas and just be a blustery rainy day by the time it got this far north. Maybe it was the fact that it got downgraded from full-hurricane status so far south and I just got caught up in the classification, but I wasn’t overly concerned.

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