I’ve gotten a little out of the lane on writing these, but according to the photographs stuck in my telephone, we apparently sailed on October 22.

For the sake of technically logging the sail, here are those photos with light commentary:

It looks like there were some minnows swimming by our pilings.

There is some evidence that the sails were deployed.

At some point, it would seem that I attempted to take a photograph of the horizon and was photobombed my some dumb trawler.

My backstay and stern rail appear to have been present, and were hogging the focus from the distant clouds.

One time, I was driving home late at night and some drunk lady pulled out of an apartment complex at about 40mph without stopping at the stop sign. I locked up the brakes and swerved to go behind her, but at the last second, she snapped to consciousness and hit her brakes, which didn’t leave me enough room to go clear behind. She never stopped, and used the angular momentum of the impact to continue her turn 180° back into the parking lot and just kept going. The back door of her car had blown open in the process, and as she fled, the piles and piles of crap in her car started spilling out. When the police arrived, they asked me where she went. I said, “I don’t know, but I think there is a clue around here somewhere,” and gestured toward the breadcrumb trail of panties and Wawa bags that led back into the apartments.

It is these powers of observation that allow me identify the following as my main sheet and throwable personal flotation device.

"Prepare to fend off the bridge abutment."