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for·tu·i·tous adjective 1. happening by chance rather than design.

This is the boat log, or 'blog' if you will, of the sailboat Fortuitous, where we reflect on our sails, our screwups, and our thoughts about nautical things.

Recent Log Entries:

Splash 2016

She's back in the water. ...continued

Blue on Blue

We finally got a weekend without snow, gales, freezing temperatures, plagues of locusts, etc. Time to prep the boat. ...continued

Say Goodbye to the Old Gas Guzzler, Russ

Springtime. When sailors are supposed to be thinking of antifouling paint and wax and getting their boats ready for the sailing season ahead. Except when it snows all day in April. ...continued

Sailboat Tools

I didn't used to bring tools on the boat. ...continued

Sailing Shoes

I have very little interest in (and some might say taste for) fashion or style. ...continued