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We are Chip and Jen, and Fortuitous is our first boat. We hope to reflect on our adventures and pursuits here in this boat log, or "blog" if you will.

Recent Log Entries:


This is the sailing vessel Fortuitous, hailing all stations. Fortuitous is in the water. Repeat: Fortuitous is in the water. ...continued

Omen Potential

Sailors can be a superstitious lot. I don't generally ascribe to much of that, but I completely understand the desire to try to impose order on chaos, even if it means that you start blaming things on black cats or bananas. I thought I'd catalog what I failed to heed today, and maybe we can see if any of these catch on as new omens. ...continued

In Like a Lion

...out like a lamb. Assuming that lamb breathes fire and shoots laser beams out of his dead, dead eyes.  ...continued

Photo Odyssey

So, I got a new camera. ...continued

Before the Snow

From this altitude, there's no way that anyone could think these mountains were eternal. They're dust piles that don’t look like they'll make it through the next decent rain, much less the next ten thousand years. I don't know how they made it this far. As the ground approaches and I'm able to make out individual boulders and bushes, they seem no less fragile. If anything, the unsettling story of their constant, subtle erosion becomes more clear. ...continued