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for·tu·i·tous adjective 1. happening by chance rather than design.

This is the boat log, or 'blog' if you will, of the sailboat Fortuitous, where we reflect on our sails, our screwups, and our thoughts about nautical things.

Recent Log Entries:

Tall Oaks 2016

The first impact didn't seem that bad, but when the jib backwinded and pushed us off a wave into the other boat, the whole rig shuddered. ...continued

Generic Sailing

As Sigmund Freud once said, sometimes a sail is just a sail. ...continued

Labor Day 2016

Hurricane Hermine. ...continued

Sailing with Matt and Emma

I'd been looking through old log entries and was reminded that we used to sail with other people all the time. In an effort to try to end our completely anti-social streak before running out of summer, we invited Matt and Emma for a spin around the bay. ...continued

The Voices

I arrived at the marina with two simple tasks. Neither of them to sail. ...continued