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for·tu·i·tous adjective 1. happening by chance rather than design.

This is the boat log, or 'blog' if you will, of the sailboat Fortuitous, where we reflect on our sails, our screwups, and our thoughts about nautical things.

Recent Log Entries:

Dipsticks, Grumps, etc.

I guess it's that time of year when I'm supposed to be reflecting on things, but I haven't really yet come to terms with the season being over. ...continued

Sudden Autumn Syndrome

Every week, I've been paying special attention to the shoreline, trying to catch the fall foliage at its peak. ...continued

Eastern Daylight Time

On the last day before we moved the clocks back an hour, I attempted to save as much daylight as possible for a solo sail around the bay. ...continued

Late October

You can't expect too many days above 70°F at the end of October in New Jersey. Who knows what to expect in general? ...continued

Tall Oaks 2016

The first impact didn't seem that bad, but when the jib backwinded and pushed us off a wave into the other boat, the whole rig shuddered. ...continued