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for·tu·i·tous adjective 1. happening by chance rather than design.

This is the boat log, or 'blog' if you will, of the sailboat Fortuitous, where we reflect on our sails, our screwups, and our thoughts about nautical things.

Recent Log Entries:

Straight-Line Winds

Sailing was limited this weekend, mostly due to weather. ...continued

Racing Anyway

We weren't even looking forward to racing. ...continued

The Gamut

Fortuitous began her 2015 racing campaign on Saturday. As with all racing, there were high points and low points. ...continued

Return to Normalcy

In the wake of a tough spring commissioning, it almost feels like a letdown to not have some twisted-up maintenance debacle to write about. But history notwithstanding, sometimes we do get it right. ...continued

Beach Haven 2015

This weekend we took our annual cruise to Beach Haven with the Windjammers Sailing Club. We were two for four going into this event, and 2015 would be the year that would tip this into a mostly-losing or mostly-winning endeavor. To recap: ...continued