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for·tu·i·tous adjective 1. happening by chance rather than design.

This is the boat log, or 'blog' if you will, of the sailboat Fortuitous, where we reflect on our sails, our screwups, and our thoughts about nautical things.

Recent Log Entries:

Hot Summer Sailing

It's been hot out there. ...continued


When we first started boating, we made the decision—partially based on high-minded philosophy and substantially based on a lack of budget—to make do without much in the way of instrumentation. ...continued

Non Sequitur

I arrived at the marina ten minutes before the captains' meeting for Saturday's Windjammer race, unsure if the foreshadowing was indicating that things were going unusually well or just that the world was out of order. Our Race Committee had incorporated our race into the Summer Sailstice, which is an annual celebration of sailing on the weekend closest to the summer solstice. ...continued

Speed Trials

...and speed tribulations. ...continued

Not Beach Haven

Last year we chalked up an unprecedented second successful trip to Beach Haven in back-to-back years. So it was definitely time to reel in our pride a bit. ...continued