With the boat home at the marina, we were free to go down and try to rig it. Hurricane Bill was throwing off a bunch of crappy weather off the coast of New Jersey, but we hoped the really nasty stuff would hold off long enough that we could try to get the mast up. The boat was still set up for travel with the mast fastened to the cabin top and pulpit, but with the help of some of the guys from the marina we were able to get it upright fairly easily. It started to rain really hard so we hung out on the porch of the bait shop while it passed.


After an hour or so, it cleared up to the point where I could try to set the shroud tension without the slightest idea of what I was doing. Fortunately another sailor with a slip at the marina came by to check out our boat and gave us a hand. The rain started coming down again just as we were getting everything tensioned up so we went back and hid a bit. Eventually the lightning came, and we had to pack it in.

"Prepare to fend off the bridge abutment."