Fourth of July 2011

Categories Sailing Log

We hoisted the ensign on Independence Day for the second season and had a good sail around the bay.

We had hoped to stay overnight on the boat, but with predictions of an 80% chance of thunderstorms and temperatures near the “stupid hot” range on Saturday, we sat it out and just sailed on the fourth. It was busy out there, but not too bad for a holiday weekend.

Sailing was relatively uneventful, in a good way. Jen spent a lot of time at the helm and did well, although she continues to feel like she’s not in control of the boat and I continue to not be able to persuade her otherwise. We’ll get there. The most exciting thing that happened was when I moved from the coaming down to the seat, forgetting that I had put a drink there, and blew up a Coke. We heaved to and I washed down the cockpit, which was probably needed anyway.

Even though it was a work night, after sailing we ate dinner in town and then went back to the marina to watch fireworks. We got there just in time for an absolutely stunning sunset, and before it was even completely over the fireworks (and albatross-sized mosquitos) started. From our vantage point on the end dock, we could see about six professional shows and countless pyromaniac amateurs. We’ll have to plan better next year to be able to see them from the boat.

"Prepare to fend off the bridge abutment."