Fortuitous Meeting

Categories Sailing Log

We met Dave a half hour before we were supposed to meet the seller, pretty early for us considering we’re two hours from Baltimore. It was the first time we’d ever met, and only a few days after I contacted him online, but he was very personable and more than made up for our natural awkwardness. We talked about what to look for as we looked at the boat, good places to sail, and the sailing lifestyle. I remember it as a beautiful day in Fells Point, although it may have been really hot. I called Kevin, the seller, at the appointed time, and he was already in the gated marina. He let us in and we exchanged pleasantries. The boat was everything we’d hoped it would be. Dave blessed off, we sailed it, and we put a deposit on it, to return the next day and tow it home.



"Prepare to fend off the bridge abutment."