Saturday was the final sail of Fortuitous for the 2010 sailing season. We braved the cold and windy weather to squeeze in one more jaunt before taking down all of the canvas and prepping the boat for another winter. Since the sail itself wasn’t all that memorable—we didn’t sail all that far past 40 before furling in and motoring up the Cedar Creek to get out of the wind and rollers—we’ve decided to use this log entry to summarize our thoughts on the season.

Jen has provided the following highlights and lowlights, which I think sum things up well:

  • I was sad to lose my job as jib-hanking master, but I’ve gotten over it. I love having a roller furler.
  • I almost killed our boat early in the season, which left me with a little bit of PTSD, but she rounded up, which left me logically knowing that she’s sturdy and a way better sailor than I.
  • We joined the Windjammers, and have met some normal, fun, experienced sailors. It’s great to have some friends who have been where we are, can offer the advice we need, and don’t think we’re stupid losers for not having a one billion foot racing boat.
  • Chip got to race three times, and I did once.
  • We got to go under the 37 bridge. Awesome.
  • Even though our trip to Cattus Island didn’t involve much sailing on our part, I really enjoyed it. I loved being rafted up with everyone else in that awful weather. I felt safer to have them there, and it was just a great experience to share with people. I know it wasn’t the craziest thing they’ve ever seen in their boats, but it was pretty messy for us.
  • I liked getting to take people out on our boat. Tim & Andrea and Greg & Laura didn’t sail with us last year, and I had fun getting them out this year. Tim and Andrea were a part of a few of my other favorites from this season: Going to Martell’s—not for Martell’s specifically, but because I liked going to a place on land by boat, and also doing our first night sail. I even kind of liked running aground that night. It was funny to me that we were so far from where we thought we were, and that no one saw the marsh until we were in it. Running aground or not, sailing at night is awesome. They were also there for the most awesome thing ever: Wagon Wheel sing along with Chip’s boat guitar.
  • Boat guitar was born.
  • A personal highlight for weirdo me was swimming in the bay. I actually got in there and had fun, with my rope and tube, for quite awhile.
  • We got to spend a few overnights on the boat. It’s great to not have to go home, and to sit there quietly eating dinner and watching the sunset.
  • I don’t have any lowlights. All the bad stuff was either fun or a good lesson.

April seems like a long way away, but such is sailing in the northeast. We’re looking forward to having more adventures in 2011.