a post from Jen…

We started out unsure if we’d be able to sail, due to the excessive wind speeds. We drove to Trixie’s, put the boat in, and still didn’t know what to do. Do we give up and go back home? Freak our guests out and put the sails up? We would have done it if we were alone, but it wouldn’t be any fun if Michael and Taylor spent the day feeling terrorized.

We decided taking the boat out and motoring around would be better than nothing, and Chip said we should reef the main in case we decided to use it later. With Michael holding the dock lines, we hoisted the main so we could reef it, while the wind desperately wanted to take the boat away. Chip got out to help Michael hold us down, as we sailed/got pulled into a better spot facing the wind. While Taylor got the cocktails started, Michael kept us from blowing away, and Chip and Jen fought with the too-short reef line.

Finally we got out on the water, motored around a bit, and then just floated. We then motored over to Cedar Creek, anchored for awhile, and hung out. We never did get the sail back up, and we lost a fender, but it was a fun day on the boat, and we got another shot to practice anchoring.