Our boat cover finally arrived.

The tarp that we used last year got shredded in the first nor’easter [please pronounce “nor’easter” like a salty fisherman from Gloucester, Mass] so we ordered a custom cover for this winter. Unfortunately, we got around to it a little late and the lead time and measuring requirements were more than we had anticipated, so it took a while to get here.

We went down to the shore to put it on, even though there was snow on the ground here—I’ve never seen snow on our boat because the winds are such that it usually just blows off. Of course, when you make a special trip, all bets are off. There was a little snow on the boat, but enough that I didn’t want to put the cover on and it was of a consistency where I couldn’t get it all off completely.

We made the best of it, and took a walk around Berkeley Island Park. I was surprised to see the bay almost completely frozen. There was a little water directly next to the park, but beyond that it was ice as far as could be seen. It disorienting to look across it and see it still.


View of Seaside

"Prepare to fend off the bridge abutment."

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