A motorcycle accident on Route 70 caused us to get to the marina a lot later than we would have liked. The police were forcing all east bound traffic to turn around just before the Four Mile Circle, which is fairly “middle of nowhere” for a named road in NJ. We could see people trying to fire up their GPSs and call in support, but I grew up within biking distance of there and the only reasonable way to cut back through the woods was pretty circuitous. The cars on the back roads looked like someone stepped on an ant hill, with people randomly executing K-turns and blindly driving down dead ends. I really wanted to get to the water, but tried to round up as many folks as I could and lead an expedition back out to the main road.

We had planned on getting there early and fixing a problem with some stripped screws on the hinge of the port lazarette, but since we got such a late start, we just launched and went. There was barely a perceptible breeze though, so we never got out of sight of Berkeley Island County Park. We stuck it out without breaking down and using the motor and were briefly rewarded with a bit of breeze on the way back to the marina.

"Prepare to fend off the bridge abutment."