I don’t love the title, but I’ve been to Myers Hole a lot, and I have to keep coming up with new names. I probably learned the term “redux” (from the Latin verb reducere, meaning “to lead back”) when they released the extended cut of Apocalypse Now, but in ancient Rome, Fortuna Redux was also the form of the goddess of luck who helped travelers return from long and dangerous voyages. She was often depicted as carrying a cornucopia and a rudder, which is at least vaguely nautical.

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One of the consequences of writing down all of your sailing activities is that when your sailing activities aren’t all that exciting, and you have to keep writing “we sailed upwind, then we sailed downwind and came home,” it tends to reinforce that you’re not exactly pushing the boundaries. We haven’t even used the anchor this year, so we decided to go down to the shore a little later than usual and have dinner on the hook.

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When I was younger and had no sense of consequence, I came home in a rented car that I had picked up for an early work meeting the next day. There were a bunch of people at my house, and I asked them if they wanted to see how fast it would go. The Dodge Stratus was not developed with speed in mind, but if you take one out into the Pine Barrens and stand on the accelerator for long enough, it will get up toward 120. My brother, who was sitting in the passenger seat, said “Watch out for the curve.”

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